We dream, you and I. We dream of the world and its seven billion children. We dream of the oceans and the sky.

I am Tomba. I live adventure and I tell stories.

You can ask me why I do adventure, but any passion is difficult to pin down. There’s the challenge, there’s being small next to the huge nature, there’s the romance of dreaming big and of living by those ideals, of pushing limits and trailblazing. But it’s bigger than all that.

There’s something intangible about passion. Something irrational – but it’s infectious!

I was always good with stories. I get people to feel what I feel. I put them in my shoes and hurl them across the world, so the next thing they know, they are swimming in a bay and a jolt of fear strikes them as they realise a crocodile has been stalking them. Then, five minutes later, we are climbing a ridge together at night in the alps, hungry, tired, and all of a sudden, with a gasp, the moon peeks its big round head over the horizon and the whole world is washed white. And there, in that moment, we can breathe again!

I work with companies, organisations and charities that share the same values as me, and we communicate them to the world through the lens of a story, of an adventure.


In 1989 I was Born in Udine in northern Italy. – I learnt Italian

In 2000 I moved to England with my family. – I learnt English

In 2011 I graduated in maths from Warwick University. – I learnt logic

In 2011 a few months later, I cycled 1500km in the Indian Himalayas. – I learnt to fix a bike

In 2012 I co-founded an art agency in Berlin. – I learnt business

In 2013 we closed the business to go skiing. – I learnt of my passion

In 2014 I spent a winter living outdoors in the Alps. – I learnt mountaineering

In 2015 I swam unsupported 1200km around a remote island in Indonesia. I learnt to swim. And tenacity, resourcefulness, patience, dogged perseverance and Indonesian.

In 2016 I rowed in a team across the Atlantic. I learnt to row an ocean

In 2017 I will row solo unsupported across the entire Indian Ocean. Nobody has done that before. I will learn